Justice Hub Alpha Version is LIVE!

Here's what you can look forward to...

It's here! It's here! 

The alpha version of Justice Hub, as promised. :)   

On Justice Hub you will find datasets, that include reports (PDFs), raw data (open formats like CSV) and sometimes a combination of these and other file types.

Visit the Justice Hub to:

  1. Use and build-upon datasets, including: 

    1. Death Penalty in India by Project 39A

    2. Top 100 most cited judgements & top 1000 most cited Acts & Sections by Indian Kanoon

    3. Supreme Court Cases (2010-2010) by LegalMinds

    4. Jobs that retired Supreme Court judges received from the central government by Madhav Aney, Shubhankar Dam & Giovanni Ko

    5. Contract Enforcement Litigation by NIPFP

  1. Add your files, resources & data to the Justice Hub:
    To find out why you should upload to the Justice Hub, watch this video:

    To find out what makes up a legal dataset, watch this video:

    To find out how to upload your dataset, watch this video:

Of course, this is an early Alpha launch, so you can expect a lot of bugs! If you encounter anything that’s broken, or have ideas on how we can improve Justice Hub, please write to us here.

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