Which Supreme Court judge authored the most judgements in 2019?

A few weeks back, LegalMinds, a legal analytics firm based in India, shared this dataset on the judgements delivered by the Supreme Court of India over the past 20 years. Apart from a link to the judgement, this dataset also carries details such as bench constitution, judgement author and date of judgement delivery.

I took a peek into the dataset and here is what we discovered about the number of judgements authored by Supreme Court judges in 2019:

Number of Judgements authored by SC Judges (2019)*

*Note: Justice Krishna Murari and Justice Ramasubramanian were only appointed as Supreme Court judges in September 2019 and Justice Ranjan Gogoi retired in November 2019. Other factors like the number and type of case allocated might also affect the number of judgements a judge authors.  

But what insights can we draw from this data? And what other parameters (such as the nature of disputes before the judge’s roster or stage of the hearing) can we co-relate it to, to draw out more meaningful metrics?

It goes without saying that beyond this question, this dataset holds a lot more potential for analysis across the years and on different parameters. For example, the dataset contains information on the judges constituting each bench. Are there any patterns in the way benches are constituted? Play with it and let us know what you discover!

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Also check this dataset on the background information on the judges of the Supreme Court in India since (1950-2019).

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